CCTV Cameras Installation

CCTV Cameras Installation

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Reliable CCTV Cameras in Melbourne For Home and Business Security

With an enviable reputation for offering high-quality CCTV installation in Melbourne, Top Tech Security Systems specialises in supplying superior quality CCTV cameras. Whether you want to capture trespassers on video or want to keep a close eye on your property, we have got the right security solutions for you. Our reliable CCTV cameras in Melbourne can record real-data and bring you the best quality pictures and videos. Keeping you safe and secure is what we excel in.

Wide Range of IP CCTV Devices

Top Tech installs and maintains an outstanding range of IP CCTV cameras and recording applications. Top Tech has the experience to provide the right solution to meet your needs and budget. We have a wide range of IP CCTV systems including DVTEL, Bosch, Hills, Pelco, Milestone, Genetec and Axis.Our professionals are here to help our clients put together the best CCTV packages in Melbourne for your home and business.

IP based cameras and systems are the future. IP CCTV works by turning images into data then transmitting this data over a network or Internet connection. The ultimate benefit of this over analogue IP CCTV systems is greater flexibility, better performance, vastly superior pictures and resolution and easier installation through advances such as Power over Ethernet.

Top Tech IP Networks

Top Tech is happy to demonstrate the latest ranges of IP networked CCTV cameras and recording solutions. This now includes the new generation 4K Ultra High Definition cameras. The DVTEL Quasar 4K cameras deliver four times more detail at full 25 frames per second than today’s best HD1080p cameras and also more detail than legacy 10MegaPixel cameras, but do so at reduced bandwidth.

Installs And Supports

Top Tech also installs and supports a complete range of infrared lighting including options covering from 5m to 250m with a single fixture.

From a single camera through to enterprise wide systems – IP networked CCTV is now an affordable alternative within the reach of everyone. Most importantly, IP CCTV delivers crystal clear images when you need it!

More Information

Please contact Top Tech for a demonstration, quotation or just to discuss your needs on (03) 9590 9811.