Demystification of The GPS Tracking Devices Melbourne

A gps tracking system Melbourne or of you may wish to call it a tracker is the component within the system that’s used for receiving information of a given device, machine or a person and then relaying this information to the application software of the tracker system via the Data Transmission System. The trackers are virtually small metallic or plastic boxes which range from the size of a man’s wallet to something slightly bigger than that. Each tracker needs at least a single antenna while yet others will need an extra antenna for data transmission module hence the first method of tracking devices classification namely the full satellite trackers and the hybrid trackers.

The full satellite device uses sgps tracking devicesatellites for the reception and the transmission of the data while on the other hand, the hybrid tracker just uses the satellites for the acquisition of a location or rather to acquire data.  It however uses a different method for the transmission of the data and these methods can either be via a data port for downloading the data, a modem etc.

By definition, it’s easy to realize that the main function of the gps tracking system is just for the providing of information about the location where a person, a car, a device… is. It is the GPS satellite that will then go ahead to help you identify the location of the units. However, based on triangulation by the use of cell towers for the calculation of locations, you are able to get the location units without the use of satellites. It’s however worth noting that the former method of getting the location is a surer and more accurate method since the error is very minimal ranging from 2 feet to only 50 feet.

The use of the triangulation by using cell towers to locate the tracker has a very wide error margin. This is the technology that phones use for the transmission of data and voice and the error margin goes up to 100 feet hence it’s not the best method of tracking.

Three main GPS trackers that exist are the PING trackers, the Passive trackers and lastly the live trackers. The trackers have undergone a lot of technological revolution and today we have trackers that can do more than just locating the whereabouts of something. For instance, after tracking your car, you can decide to stop the engine from wherever it is or the tracker can also work as a speed governor.

Many interesting facts about gps tracking system

Often we need to know the location of some people or assets and keep track of them at all times. This is the purpose for which most people use the technology of tracking system. Earlier this technology was available only to the police, other branches of law enforcement or some high priced private investigators. However, now it is easily available even to the common public.This technology can be used to keep track of children and keep them within safe limits. You can use this technology to keep a track of any other person that you are suspicious about like your spouse or partner. Employers can keep track of the positions of their employees and people can keep track of vehicles and other property that can be stolen.

A GPS tracking unit in Melbourne usually containgps tracking devicess a GPS module which receives the signal and puts together the coordinates. The devices most commonly used are data pushers and data loggers. The former uses a GSM/GPRS modem which transmits the information to a central computer with the help of an SMS or in the form of IP packets. On the other hand data loggers simply log the information is a large memory device and store the coordinates.

It is interesting the kind of controversy that modern technology can create and tracker devices are no different. Of course the nature of the technology is such that anyone can easily impinge on the privacy of another individual and even cause them harm with that knowledge. This is the reason that the countries in which this technology is easily available have passed certain regulations to limit its usage to necessity and to preserve the privacy and safety of their citizens.

For instance in the USA the 4th amendment to the United States constitution limits the use of this technology. Hence if the police wishes to use this technology to track a vehicle or person they require a search warrant. Its use by private citizens is also regulated in some US states such as in California where no one can be tracked without their approval. If an individual or organization does not adhere to this rule, their license to use the tracking device technology can be revoked. Similar laws exist in many other states while in the UK there is no specific rule addressing the usage of trackers but there are several laws regulating its usage as a surveillance tool. According to UK laws if any information or identifies a person then it is considered as personal information. Hence people and organizations that wish to use this technology have to be extremely careful.