From small retail, commercial and industrial through to enterprise wide systems across many sites, Top Tech can help you design and install the right system for your requirements and budget.

There is now no reason not to install an IP based CCTV solution providing 1080p HD or better video. Analogue CCTV systems are obsolete, and Top Tech can assist you in the transition to IP based systems. A typical analogue camera equates to about 0.4 MP (megapixels), whereas a standard IP camera offers 2 MP, which is more than five times the analogue resolution. With some IP cameras ranging up to 10MP, it’s easy to see how the technology can cut down on the overall number of cameras required.

If you have an analogue system, Top Tech can also assist with hybrid solutions moving from analogue to HD, but still utilising exisiting coaxial cable. In fact, Top Tech can install a replacement hybrid recorder that will record your existing analogue cameras, and as existing cameras are replaced over time, they can be replaced with HD-SDI cameras providing 2Megapixel video over the same cabling to the hybrid recorder.

For those that wish to take full advantage of all that IP video has to offer, fully networked solutions are now available from 4 cameras through to site and enterprise wide installations. Top Tech can design and install small installations with more traditional single NVR recorders utilising equipment from market leaders such as Pacific Communications, Q-Security,and Bosch through to the global industry leaders in IP Video Management Systems such as DVTEL, Milestone, Genetec and Axis. Moving to HD IP CCTV is easier than you think. Now is the right time to take that step.