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Systems Maintenance

Systems Maintenance

No matter what type or brand of security system you have,Top Tech has the expertise and experience to maintain the system in the same condition as the day you purchased it. It doesn’t matter who installed it, Top Tech can provide a complete range of scheduled and breakdown maintenance services to keep all aspects of your system functioning in optimum condition.

As with your car,computer or any other piece of equipment, your security system is a technical piece of equipment and requires servicing to ensure it continues to function as it should. Top Tech recommends that all security systems have an annual maintenance service, in accordance with Australian standards, as a minimum. Servicing would include camera cleaning, insect spray, battery checks and replacement, and full operational testing of all cameras, detectors and other devices. Systems that are in remote or harsh environments may require servicing more often. Ensuring appropriate service and maintenance for your security systems should be as important as the decision to invest in them in the first place.

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