Security of property and family has become one of the important considerations for a family head in today’s times. Many residential and commercial zones are incorporating standardized security systems for reduction of crime and ensuring continuous monitoring of their area. Installation of the right CCTV cameras Melbourne will help you to achieve your purpose.

Closed circuit television camera or the CCTV camera as it is commonly known is one of the popular surveillance devices used today. There are several varieties of them available in the market and you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. Some of the types and their suitability are explained below:

  • Dome Cameras

Dome cameras get their name from their shape and are greatly effective for indoor surveillance. It is difficult to judge the area under their surveillance because of their shape. Some of them come with infrared illuminators which help in capturing videos in poor light conditions. They are normally installed in retail spaces and offices. Since they are placed on the room’s ceiling they are free from being vandalized.

Dome Camera 

  •  Bullet Cameras

The design of bullet cameras looks very much like a big-sized ammo cartridge; it has a tapering and long shape. The camera length is fixed and the viewing angle extends up to 80 degrees. Generally, a vari-focal or fixed lens is attached to the camera. This type of camera is useful for outdoor surveillance of long distances extending up to 40 feet. Surveillance of parking lots and backyards can also be effectively monitored through this camera type. The cameras are enclosed within protective casings which are normally water-proof.

Bullet Camera 

  • C-Mount Cameras

These cameras are equipped with detachable lenses that fulfill varying requirements. Surveillance beyond a distance of 35 feet can be effectively undertaken with the help of these cameras. The cameras are normally fitted with a varifocal lens as that helps to tweak the viewing angle and focal distance. Zooming in and loss of focus is possible.

 C-Mount Camera

  • Day & Night CCTV Cameras

These cameras prove useful in regular and dimly out without lit settings. Generally used for outdoor surveillance, the cameras have a broad dynamic range and can operate under direct glare, sunlight or reflections. No infrared illuminator is required due to the presence of an additional sensitive imaging chip which helps to monitor in the dark. This type proves highly useful in situations where continuous surveillance is required.

  • Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

As the name suggests, this type can be tilted, panned or zoomed giving the operator freedom to perform the required function as per the prevailing conditions. Manual or programmed control can be employed for more accurate viewing. The cameras function with live controls and therefore, they prove useful in areas which are highly sensitive and need live monitoring.

  • High Definition CCTV Cameras

This type of cameras can record at HD quality and high frame rates and therefore better resolution is obtained as compared to other types of cameras. Minute details can be captured by the operator without loss of picture quality. These cameras are normally installed at banks and casinos.

Wide arrays of CCTV cameras, Melbourne which are endowed with varying features are available in the market. It is necessary to select the one that will best cater to your requirements.