When you want to protect your home or business then it is always a good idea to install security cameras. You will have to choose between the classic web cameras that are attached to your PC or the IP CCTV systems. Video security is a defense but it can sometimes also be a deterrent as you will not be freely able to do the things that you want to do. If you are thinking of installing surveillance cameras in your home or office then it is important to choose the right kind of cameras. Let us look at some of the features of IP systems which will help you to decide whether they are the right choice for you.

IP cameras are those which can be viewed over a network for ip cctv system by top techthe purpose of surveillance. These devices are standalone ones and do not require a connection to the Ethernet or wireless network. Multiple IP cameras in separate locations can be monitored using a local network or the internet. Let us look at the benefits of IP CCTV systems over regular web cameras.

  • Live remote monitoring – It becomes easier and more economical to monitor multiple locations with IP cameras. Any place that has an internet connection can be used to view the camera images. All that is required is a computer with access to the internet.
  • Motion detection and alarms – If IP cameras are used in combination motion detection software then they will give you instant information as soon as motion is detected. You can use the software to view and control multiple IP cameras from a single computer interface.
  • Better view and control – Some IP CCTV systems have features like Tilt, Pan and Zoom. The camera can be controlled in a remote manner by adjusting the focus, angle and field of view without actually being present at the site of the camera. You can also get more information about the person, thing or place of your concern by tracking and zooming.

IP camera based systems are the future of surveillance. They may be a little more expensive if you look at the short term factors, but you will be making an investment in superior quality and flexibility. Due to the fact that this technology is a thing of the future, there are little chances of outgrowing an IP camera based video surveillance system in the near future. While older systems become obsolete, these systems will allow you to upgrade and improve them.