CCTV CamerasThe essentiality of CCTV cameras in today’s modern world of rising crime-rates cannot be denied. This device has given results and has become a common installation at homes and public places. With on-going advancements in CCTV technology installations of wireless cameras have become highly popular.

The CCTV cameras help to keep a watch on the exteriors and interiors of a property through its video cameras which transmit signals to a monitor or set of monitors.Wireless installations are the latest addition and they score certain advantages over the wired ones. The most important benefit obtained is that through the internet you can monitor events even if you are out of country or events can be monitored on remote locations.

Being digital, picture quality is excellent and with their portability feature, they can be safely installed, hidden from the view of intruders. Moreover, they can be shifted from one place to the other for observation without any hassle. As the name suggests, no additional cable wok is needed for its installation. 

However, its greatest drawback is the requirement for an internet connection without which they cannot work. Being dependant on the internet they will naturally be affected due to internet disruptions. To summarize, the wireless cameras can be best used for temporary purposes and if greater security is the criterion then it is best to go for the wired ones.

Some of the necessary requirements to be kept in mind while selecting indoor CCTV cameras are:

  • Resolution: The main purpose of indoor cameras is to record or track events. Hence good quality picture is a must.
  • Lens and Optics: The cameras should be able to capture facial shots with greater clarity; they should be capable of zeroing or zooming on to the target if need be.
  • Gel with the environment: There is a wide array of models to choose from; some of them can be camouflaged to look like motion detectors, fire sprinklers and smoke alarms. You can choose that model which best suits your setting.

Besides the regular variety of CCTV cameras, there are some which have additional features like the Spy Cams and PTZ cameras. Spy Cams are normally tiny though the standard size variety is also available. These can be hidden in teddy bears, clocks, smoke detectors and many other fittings.

PTZ cameras are those which can pan, tilt or zoom. They are most useful while trailing a particular individual. Some of them are programmed to pan, tilt or zoom on their own so as to cover a greater area.