First time buyers need to take into account several factors before they think of buying a home. Locality, cost, amenities are just to name a few of them but above these there is one important concern that is of utmost significance and it is the security factor for your new house.The common factor that binds varied types of dwellings is the need for some form of home security systems Melbourne.

You will not have peace of mind unless and until you know that you have taken all the necessary steps to ensure the security of your new home. Following are some tips in this regard that will make sure that you have considered all factors.

Locks: It is essential to change all locks of the doors and windows when you relocate to your new house.

Sliding security doors: The sliding security doors have to be checked for their fitting to ensure that they glide smoothly within their frames. The functioning of the burglar bars too needs to be checked.

Alarm systems: If the house you will be moving into has some alarm system then be sure to obtain all the relevant documents and manual and alter passcodes if need be. In the absence of such a system it is essential for you to install one prior to your shifting. Decide on the type of the alarm system you want to install; whether it should be monitored one or an unmonitored one or a wireless one or a wired one.

CCTV: If there is one already installed check it’s functioning or else install a fresh one if you feel the need.

Review vulnerable areas: You can inspect your property and its external precincts to detect any vulnerable areas that can provide easy access to burglars to break into your home. Take all the preventive steps needed to eliminate the vulnerability of the concerned spots.

Add lights: If your property has lights at all the required places then that acts as a deterrent to burglars who prefer to sneak into the house under the cover of dimly lit areas. You can install spotlights in the front yard and the back yard of your house.

Clear up: The heap of boxes and cartons that develops as you unpack after moving into the new home should be cleared as soon as possible. This will prevent the calling of attention to your property.

Be-friending neighbors: It is always wise to get to know your immediate neighbors even from the point of security of your home. They will be the first ones to alert you about any suspicious activity at your home.

Be watchful: It is foolish to leave your keys below your potted plants or doors or any items in your garden area. Burglars are smart nowadays and can easily spot these hiding places.

The above mentioned pointers make you aware of some of the home security systems, Melbourne which can be adopted to heighten the security of your new home.