Historically, the signals sent from CCTV cameras Melbourne to their VCR would be in an analogue format. Today, however, most of the VCRs are being replaced by DVRs which receive the camera signals in a digitized format. Upgrading the analogue based surveillance systems to digital DVR systems has a number of benefits.

Features of a DVR System

1. Robust technology with features that guarantee system integrity
2. Better resolution of the recording leading to an enhanced playback quality
3. Greater capacity that enables the recording of several sources of top-notch quality and higher frame rates for long hours.
4. Integration into large-scaled CCTV systems is possible.
5. Analysis, copying or transmission of bulk footage is possible in case of need.
6. Sophisticated search and analytic facilities available, enabling earlier video recordings to be zeroed on in no time.

Digital Video Recorder with CCTV Camera Setup

Points to be considered before Buying a DVR for your CCTV Cameras Melbourne

Picture Quality

The best way to decide the picture quality is to see the live images being played on the recorder and then view the recorded images. If the picture quality of the replayed images is equivalent to the live ones, then the technology of the recorder is just fine.  Excessive compression or inadequate transmission bandwidth of the recorder will affect the picture quality.

Noiseless & Power-Efficient

The equipment should be low-power driven since that will reduce your energy bills. The Less power requirement will lead to lesser generation of heat and therefore lesser need for air-conditioning. This will require lesser fans to operate, making the working of the equipment noiseless.


The DVRs will be used 24x7 days of the week and therefore have to be sturdy and tough. They should last for longer periods of time and care must be taken of the hard disks in particular. The DVRs should be able to indicate to the user any issues related to the hard disk beforehand. Check for reviews of the manufacturer before buying a specific DVR brand.


High end security systems comprise piecing of several technology items obtained from varied manufacturers with each of them performing unique functions. It is essential to check for compatibility of each system element and that the software meant for the system integration will function with the hardware chosen by you.


If there are several video sources to be recorded or high speeds are essential or super picture quality is required, then that will lead to a lot of data generated. At this juncture, it is essential to check if your video recorder has the capacity to record for the required time or at the required quality. The storage capacity of the recorder should be able to fulfill your requirements or they should be capable of being expandable in an economical manner. The capacity to record for longer durations should not come at the cost of picture quality.

Check for Small Print

Sometimes, tall promotions are made invisible print, but their qualifiers are given in small print. The limitations are not stated openly and so look for the small print and then decide the trade-offs that are allowable for the budget you have set aside.

On a Concluding Note

Keep the above tips in mind before buying a DVR for your CCTV cameras Melbourne and you will have no cause for regret.