IP CCTV systems are the future of CCTV systems. Digital camera technology has out-paced analogue closed circuit television systems in terms of popularity. For the past decade, there has been a significant shift to digital networking solutions from the older analog systems for surveillance applications.

An IP camera or Internet protocol camera as it is meant is a kind of digital video camera which is normally employed for surveillance purposes. These are superior to the CCTV systems in the sense they can receive and send information through a computer network and the internet. Cameras that perform this function are generally called “webcams” and the name ‘IP camera’ is given to those which are used for keeping a close watch on someone that is for surveillance.

Though IP CCTV systems have been around for a while, it is only in recent years that the technology has developed in detail leading to major advances like the Megapixel IP. We are the front runners of this technology evolution, which is changing the face of security systems. We have a full range of IP CCTV systems, video management software technologies and video storage devices to satisfy the requirements of every organization.

There are several advantages to be gained by installing these systems over the standard CCTV systems. First and foremost is greater resolution that is obtained through an IP camera. In fact, one IP/Megapixel camera can substitute PTZs installed for garage forecourt. 

Second is the remote access facility. You can view live video from certain cameras from any computer at any place. In addition, other devices like mobile smartphonecan be used to view the data. This prevents the confiscation of the audio or video evidence by the concerned individual against whom it is collected.

Highly sophisticated analytics software has combined with an equally improved hardware in this technology. Combination with other software provides for applications wherein it is possible to recognize license plates, count people or detect fine motions. It is also possible to review the footage on playback without any deterioration in the image quality.

Scalability can be achieved by adopting the individual camera licensing and edge processing. With this, you can scale up to thousands from a single camera. You can obtain great peace of mind when you are assured that your facility is kept under a watchful eye of the high-grade, reliable security cameras. We provide this much needed relief by helping organizations to install IP surveillance systems with the scalability, performance, compatibility and flexibility expected from the best of the whole lot.