Selecting the right security system can be daunting, however it does not need to be a complex and time consuming task. Top Tech Security will work with you to design a security system to suit your needs and budget. In addition to comprehensive intrusion detection, most systems can also provide integrated electronic access control which will provide authorised access to doors and premises, as well as keeping an accurate record of who, where and when your premises are accessed.

Bosch Solution 6000 – The ideal comprehensive home or SMB system

The Solution 6000 (formally the 144) from Bosch Security Systems offers you the perfect solution. Bosch have created a comprehensive security system that has all the technology it needs to identify intruders to your home (or small business), without being hard to use. The Solution 6000 also incorporates facilities to expand to access control, proximity tokens, biometrics and wireless devices.

  • 16 zones expandable up to 144 zones & 256 users
  • Integrated access and alarm
  • 16 access doors or LAN readers
  • Full text menu display for programming & user control
  • Options for proximity, biometric and external readers, with external keypad options.
  • Supported communication formats include Conettix IP, GSM, SMS, Email, CID, GPRS, CSV, , SIA 3+ Text, Voice and Domestic Dial
  • SMS via Bosch GSM & SMS panel control ie. arm, disarm
  • Up to 37 outputs available with one on-board dedicated relay programmed for roller doors
  • 1000 event history.

Start with the basic system, knowing that it can expand and handle anything you choose to throw at it in the future.

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