CCTV Cameras (Closed-Circuit Television Cameras) are not a modern day invention. The first recorded use of this technology was in Germany in 1942. The first commercial use in the U.S. was in 1949. While the concept was excellent, it did not become popular until VCR recording came into the picture in the mid-1970’s. The technology had not really gained popularity due to the absence of a recording system. You either had to let people monitor the cameras manually or you had to use an expensive and cumbersome method of using magnetic tapes. The introduction of a cheap recording process changed the whole picture.

Like all technological advances, CCTV Cameras are very helpful. In results gathered from crime statistics, it has helped tremendously in crime prevention. In parking lots fitted with the technology, a 50 percent decrease in crime was observed. It is in parking lots that most robberies and abductions take place. The technology discouraged suspects from committing the crime in parking lots. Both in street and public transport areas, the technology decreased traffic related violations and crime by 25 percent. The installation of cameras made perpetrators think twice before making their move. This has helped in peace and order in many neighborhoods.cctv cameras melbourne

Aside from crime prevention, cctv cameras are helpful in homes, schools and businesses. Retailer shops have caught shoplifters and petty thieves using the technology. The notice that cameras are recording everything in real time has become a petty crime deterrent. In schools, safety, security and student monitoring areeasy with cameras installed throughout the area. In homes, installing a surveillance camera is common, because of its affordability and accessibility. Surveillance systems are cheap, easy to install and requires little maintenance. Local governments and government agencies have also made use of these features to help for public safety.

The presence of positive results from the installation of CCTV Cameras has not prevented some quarters in presenting their apprehension regarding this technology. Some groups believe that the technology can be abused if there are no safeguards put in place. One concern that has been subject to debate is the privacy issue. Some believe that surveillance cameras take away an individual’s privacy. An individual can be monitored, recorded and traced even without his/her consent. That is the argument that is being presented. Technology is not perfect and neither is the system that operates it. Using the surveillance and monitoring technology responsibly may be the only option available to everyone.